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The Valley Floor Story

VALLEY FLOOR VINEYARD was discovered by Ellen Bucchianeri and Mark Duane in late 2007 and by 2008 they had moved to Calistoga from San Francisco to begin a new chapter of grape farming and winemaking. The vineyard was planted with premium Cabernet Sauvignon and produced its first award-winning vintage in 2012.

In June of 2016, Brandon Chaney and Anthony Zabit, long-time business partners developed a partnership with Ellen and purchased the winery. The goal was to work with Ellen to carry on her vision to produce ultra-premium and hand-crafted Cabernet Sauvignon in the Napa Valley from this amazing vineyard.

The Proprietors

Brandon Chaney and Anthony Zabit, both San Francisco entrepreneurs, met at Indiana University and decided early-on after graduation to become partners in business - wherever that might take them. And over the 25 years after that handshake, they built and developed a number of successful entities in the tech and real estate space. In the spirit of moving into new territory, they continued to explore new horizons which led them to Napa Valley and the winery business as recent owners of the Fairwinds Estate Winery (former Cuvaison) and the Valley Floor Vineyard.

The Valley Floor Vineyard is managed by Brandon Chaney and his business partner Anthony Zabit - along with an amazing team with over 20 years experience in winemaking.  Ellen Bucchianeri continues to support in managing the farming of the vineyard - all under the watchful eye of the vineyard’s long-time winemaker, Todd Heth.

“Coming from the Midwest, we are very passionate about making a difference in life and making things happen through our own hard work. That also means we share a mid-western ethic for family, grass roots values and respect - all that matters to us very much. In addition to sharing all of this, Anthony and I are both blessed with amazing women in our lives in which we both have six children. Family and wine go together magically and we take every opportunity to enjoy them together."

                      - Brandon Chaney, Propreitor & CEO

"Yes, we know business. But we also acknowledge there is a big difference between the kind of businesses we have built and our new desire to create great wines. Of course, whatever the venture, we both believe that success is knowing what you don’t know, and surrounding yourself with terrific people who do. And we have a great team we can count on.”

          - Anthony Zabit, Proprietor


Ellen Bucchianeri, Founder and Vineyard Manager

Being from an Italian family, Ellen grew up drinking wine with multiple generations over dinners that seemed to last hours. Early memories include her grandfather Nicodemo Bucchianeri making wine and storing it in their cellar in San Francisco. These simple traditions spurred a passion for food-friendly wine that would carry through her entire life.  Ellen lives on the 4 acre Valley Floor Vineyard and overseas its farming and management with Todd Heth.